Can anyone refer others without buying anything?
Yes, of course you can. All promo materials are in the members area. You must be a member so sales referred can be tracked plus all the info, your referral urls, banners and an email to use is in there.

Can I post an ad on other members pages if I am a member?
Yes you can. Even if you are an upgraded member and have autopost done. Or, you can be a free member and post also.

Can I post on more than 1 page in a day?
Yes you can. You can post an ad on any member page that you know of, once a day.

Do I need to click anything if I post an ad?
You'll need to click the activation email, then it'll last for 1 week of posting ads before you have to activate it again.

Can I post without being a member?
Yes you can. You can post an ad on any member page that you know of, once a day.

I'm upgraded, does my ffa ads (aka "posts") go on all member pages?
Yes. It is automatically done. If you find other member pages, you can post them also.

I'm upgraded, if I post on individual member pages that I find, do I get email confirms?
You wont if you use the same email address that you have on your account. If you use a different email address, you'll have to confirm it and you'll get email from other members.

Do all 5 of my ffa ads that I saved, get autoposted or just one?
All 5 will get posted for the day. It does the first one, then the second one, then onward.

I'm upgraded, does it send my email to all the people who posted that week?
Yes, all people who post will remain active for 7 days and remain active until they expire.

It doesn't send my email out?
Make sure you choose which one to autosend. Click the grey button that says "Autosend this?" for the one you want. Only one email ad can be set to be autosent. But it stores 5 of them for you.

Can I change the person who referred me?
No. It's a bad marketing practice in the past several years. It does not help or reward the person who you want to change to. In the short term and long term, it's harming marketers as a whole and the sites online taking referred sales from another who did it first.
Please do not ask in support ticket or argue with me about what other sites do, as this already explains why.

I tried to signup under someone else but it says that another person referred me?
This is because you posted an ad on another member page first and so, they HAD to be the first to refer you.

Is there support ticket system?
Yes, it is in the members area near the bottom.